Program Benefits

Providing benefits and opportunities for businesses and communities.

Vanu’s Partner Program provides an array of benefits to both the partners we work with as well as the communities served.

For Partners the Program provides:

  •  A reliable revenue stream for the lifetime of the contractual relationship with Vanu.
  • Opportunities to upskill your labor force.
  • An opportunity to play a crucial role in closing the digital divide in rural areas.

For communities the Partner Program provides:

  • Mobile network connectivity provides the communications infrastructure that facilitates:
    • Increased communication ability.
    • Ability to set up and benefit from online businesses.
    • Access to pay as you go utility services.
    • Access to financial inclusion tools.
    • Access to telemedicine and online family planning tools.
    • Access to mobile education content.
    • Access to local and regional entertainment content.

“We were counted among the poorest people due to the fact that no e-business could be possible due to our lack of mobile network access. But today, we have access to information and opportunities worldwide by mobile phone thanks to the connectivity that Vanu has provided!”

Nkusi. Nasho Valley, Rwanda


If you’re interested in partnering with us you can complete our Partner Sign-Up. If you want to find out more you can view a selection of case studies from our existing partners.