Our technology makes it possible… our people make it happen.

Vanu’s software engineering teams include some of the country’s top computer science talent, with experienced individuals coming from the world’s most prestigious universities. The development groups build innovative yet practical software applications and enjoy the rewards of seeing their work deployed in the field with highly visible customers. Our sales, marketing, and operations teams are staffed and led by individuals who thrive on being associated with a ground-breaking business. We are about developing and marketing a disruptive technology that delivers unprecedented capital and operating cost benefits to wireless service providers.

It is not easy to write high-performance software. The data bandwidth is very high and requires us to carefully craft our software to obtain the maximum performance out of today’s processors. And, of course, all this processing must be done with very low latency.

Our development teams solve problems in network security, distributed scalability, data mining, network optimization, and many more interesting and often unsolved areas. Because we deliver live cellular networks, our software solutions must be extremely robust. Frequent and consistent automated testing solves problems sooner rather than later. We have a software engineering group that provides tools, support, and guidance for maintaining and improving our engineering discipline, and when we cannot find the tools we need, we do not shy away from building our own.

Our technology makes it possible… our people make it happen.

U.S. Opportunities

We are located in Lexington, MA with a work environment that is fast paced and challenging. The company’s culture exudes friendly camaraderie, independence, and team orientation. We value hard work, innovation, initiative, and a good sense of humor. We are looking for people who want to work on leading-edge technology that is being used in significant commercial environments. Our goal is to promote a healthy work and life balance.

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International Opportunities

Today, we have office locations in Bangalore and Delhi. Vanu India focuses on software engineering for 3G and 4G wireless applications, as well as business development throughout India, the world’s fastest-growing wireless market. The Vanu India team is comprised of highly-motivated and creative individuals at work on cutting-edge technology. Join us and gain the opportunity to transform the wireless industry by contributing to the development of our innovative and ground-breaking infrastructure solutions.

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