Community Connect Village BTS

Perfect size to cover a village, GSM BTS in a small, easy to deploy, cost effective package.

Vanu enables mobile network operators to profit in off-grid markets that cannot be covered profitably by using legacy telecommunication equipment and traditional business models. Currently, 1.2 billion people lack connectivity. Vanu helps mobile network operators profit by serving this market.

Off-grid markets require special solutions to profitably and sustainably address this opportunity – an opportunity that is around $5 billion, annually. Vanu’s pioneering software radio equipment lowers capital and operating expense to make the off-grid market addressable.

Vanu offers turnkey solutions that include deployment and operations services in addition to towers, transport, and radio access network equipment that is highly optimized for this market. For example, tower solutions are easy to ship and deploy in remote markets. The battery solution not only monitors the health of the system but heals the battery to increase its overall lifetime.

GSM/EDGE is still the dominant cellular standard to serve the off-grid markets. There are a few key reasons that drive this.

  • GSM handsets are affordable and widely available in these markets.
  • A GSM handset can last much longer on a single charge.  This is of huge value where power is scarce and charging (even for GSM feature phones) costs more than usage charges on a monthly basis

Any solution deployed to serve off-grid markets must include GSM to serve the market profitably. Profitable service is essential to achieve the scale and sustainability necessary to address this large market opportunity.



Community Connect Village BTS is a single TRX GSM/EDGE outdoor BTS. It comes in two variants. The first variant has a maximum TX output power of 100mW. This is designed specifically for providing cellular coverage for very small low-density rural villages spread over an area of a km. The variant consumes a maximum of 15W.

The second variant has a maximum TX output power is 2W. This is designed for providing cellular coverage for small moderate density rural villages spread over an area of 1km to 3km. This variant consumes a maximum of 30W.

Enclosed in an IP67 rated outdoor enclosure, the BTS is compact and lightweight. The integrated duplexer, provides the required isolation between the TX and RX ports, allowing for deployment with a standard omni antenna. The small form factor allows for mounting onto alternative structures such as utility poles, telephone poles.

The Community Connect Village solution is powered by Vanu GSM software which utilizes a latency- and jitter-tolerant packet-based IP backhaul. This enables the infrastructure to use a wide variety of media for backhaul including microwave, wireless broadband, cable modem, DSL, and satellite connections. The general-purpose processing (GPP) based architecture allows for seamless expansion of existing RAN networks. The Vanu BSC interworks with all major core network vendors and the Vanu EMS delivers a multitude of monitored KPIs and alarms.


Technical Specifications