Vanu LTE Portable Network System

Your own private LTE network.

The Vanu Anywave platform allows carriers to profit by covering areas that cannot be covered using traditional radio access network equipment.  

Vanu’s software RAN solutions enable mobile operators to have the flexibility to design and offer differentiated solutions to meet the needs of their end customers. Anywave is the first Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-certified, commercially available software RAN solution, utilizing a single reusable hardware platform to support multiple wireless services and standards simultaneously.

Anywave utilizes a modular, scalable component architecture to support a broad range of RAN configurations. Radio Frequency (RF) and processor modules in the base station allow operators to configure a system tailored to their current and future spectrum and capacity requirements.

Most importantly, each wireless standard is entirely implemented in high level languages running on high volume, high performance commercial off-the-shelf processors, allowing customers to choose the best and most cost-effective processor for their application. Anywave provides a flexible, scalable RAN solution ideally suited for operators seeking to deploy new services and standards quickly and cost-effectively.

The 5W and 10W LTE eNodeB from Vanu is designed on the Vanu Anywave platform, a multi-band multi-standard radio access node.  The system is compact and highly integrated.  It integrates dual PAs and the duplexers along with the latest baseband processor and integrated transceiver technologies to support the multiple standards.  The system uses a novel digital pre-distortion technology to linearize power amplifier output resulting in high efficiency (high power output and low power consumption).

Anywave LTE eNodeB is small, lightweight and designed to install on existing towers or poles.


Vanu’s LTE Portable Network System (LPNS) is a compact, portable, low power 3GPP compliant complete LTE network solution combined with local processing. It is built on the Vanu Anywave platform and integrates the Vanu eNodeB and vEPC and offers voice, text and data services to its subscribers.

The Vanu LPNS is designed for rapid deployment in applications such as disaster recovery. When operated in a standalone mode it can be used for private LTE networks such as for defense, border security, public safety etc. The system can connect to an external EPC via any IP based backhaul network and extend the coverage footprint for home carrier.

The system consumes very low power and can easily run on off grid power such as solar. The Vanu LPNS can be packaged with solar panels, batteries, battery management system, antennas, retractable pole for a complete solution for instantaneous deployment.




Technical Specifications