Anywave Dual Mode LTE GSM

Best of all worlds, near term revenue, seamless migration, more efficient data.

The Vanu Anywave platform is a multi-band multi-standard radio access node.  The highly innovative platform is designed to support multiple configurations and these configuration changes can be made through software.  This unique approach allows operators to offer voice connectivity and over time upgrade the network to overlay LTE services for premium users.  The Vanu solution addresses the cost and complexity of network evolution.

The base station can be configured as:

• Dual mode GSM/LTE
• 2×2 MIMO LTE eNodeB


The radio hardware simultaneously operates as a GSM and LTE base station. The eNodeB is 3GPP Rel 9 compliant and is designed to interoperate with any standards complaint EPC. GSM RAN is designed to interoperate with standards compliant MSC over the A interface. The GSM waveform can be contained within the LTE spectrum or separated.

The system is compact and lightweight. It lowers the site costs due to reduced wind and weight load requirements. It is faster and cheaper to transport to remote areas and it is easy to install on existing infrastructure. The system consumes low power. It lowers site capital costs due to smaller solar, wind, battery and/or generator costs; lower operating costs for sites connected to electrical grid. The system is enclosed in a thermally efficient IP67 enclosure designed to weather the harshest environmental conditions in the remote areas.


Technical Specifications