Vanu’s products are designed to enable cellular coverage in areas that cannot be covered profitably with existing technology. As average revenue per customer user (ARPU) continues to decline, operators reduce costs to remain competitive. Vanu’s products allow carriers to reach customers in new places, both within and outside of  their existing coverage areas or through branching out to under/unserved markets.

Vanu’s software RAN solutions portfolio is designed to help operators reduce both CAPEX and OPEX expenditures in order reduce the total cost of ownership. Read more about how Vanu can help to reduce total cost of ownership with our three solution sets – Anywave, CompactRAN Community Connect, and our In-Building Solution.


In-Building Solutions

The Vanu In-Building Solution (IBS) provides full Base Transceiver Station (BTS) capability indoors in a small, easy to deploy package.


Outdoor Solutions

Deployed in multiple countries worldwide, the Vanu outdoor solutions are the lowest power consumption base stations on the market today.


Portable Network System

A self-contained, solar powered, portable cellular network system.