Partner Program

Providing rural mobile network expansion

The Vanu Partner Program enables collaboration between Vanu and leading, like-minded companies to provide reliable mobile networks to rural areas.

What the Partner Program provides

The Vanu Partner Program is a mutually-beneficial program that combines Vanu’s expertise in networks and communications with specialist, regional based companies to:

  • Provide rural mobile network expansion
  • Facilitates knowledge transfer to local population
  • Provide jobs to local populations
  • Keep money in local communities rather than sending it to other countries or continents
  • Create cost effective alternatives to expensive servicing issues that often require engaging with foreign entities that cost time and money

“Vanu’s network have helped usher us out of the loneliness that we used to suffer from prior to the advent of their networks!”

Nkusi. Nasho Valley, Rwanda

Why partner with Vanu?

The Vanu Partner Program provides a wide range of benefits for companies in the construction, engineering, and communications sectors, including:

  • Long-term financial benefits (long term relationships, 7-10 years)
  • Skills transfer
  • Participate in public good of bridging digital divide
  • Open systems for network access are better for local and regional economies and are more secure.

What we’re looking for

Vanu is looking for companies with expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Tower installation and management services
  • Rural construction
  • Off grid electrical installation and maintenance
  • Rural land acquisition and interactions with municipal governments and local communities
  • Basic IT skills

“With the presence of Vanu’s networks in our homeland, life has greatly improved.”

Nkusi. Nasho Valley, Rwanda


If you’re interested in partnering with us you can complete our Partner Sign-Up. If you want to find out more you can view a selection of case studies from our existing partners.