Rural Solutions

To Connect the Unconnected

Vanu rural technical innovation focuses on low power consumption and small size to reduce both OPEX as well as site related CAPEX costs.


Cellular Suppression

For Safety and Security

The Vanu® SpectrumShield™ solution prevents the use of illicit cell phones in correctional facilities and secure government compounds.


Coverage As A Service

For Mobile Operators

Vanu pioneered a combination of technical and business innovation to provide economically viable service to uncovered rural areas.


Emergency cellular service to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Vanu has deployed emergency cellular service to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We are continuing to work to get more equipment down to the islands. We’d like to thank the many people who have reached out and offered to help. If you would like to make a donation, we recommend donating to one of our partners, either All Hands Volunteers who is rebuilding schools in the Virgin Islands where we are providing coverage or Global DIRT, our implementation partner in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

All Hands Volunteers Global DIRT