Who Needs VanuMaps? So Far – the Applications are Plentiful

April 24, 2019

A few months ago, we completed VanuMaps, a coverage mapping tool capable of precisely identifying high-value opportunities for mobile network expansion. Vanu envisioned a resource with a number of potential applications, but with two immediate near-term roles: 1) help MNOs access new subscribers and revenue streams and increase profits, and 2) help organizations that require connectivity to identify areas where they can (and cannot) operate, and assist in their development and expansion efforts.  

The response to VanuMaps has been both gratifying and truly fascinating. As expected, there’s been immediate interest from mobile network operators/partners in Africa, Southeast Asia, India and other markets. Using VanuMaps to help model and design networks will enable MNOS to generate more revenue by determining the most effective locations and architecture for connecting communities in need. That’s certainly what we envisioned when we developed VanuMaps and we hope to continue to be relied upon by the operator community as a trusted resource and partner.

In addition to MNOs, Vanu has been thrilled to apply its mapping tool in some novel ways, proving both the need for accurate coverage data, and the existence of sustained entrepreneurial momentum throughout these diverse regions. Among the applications for VanuMaps that have either been executed or are in the planning stages: 

  • In sub Saharan Africa, sensors that collect timestamped data will enable communities to carefully maintain fresh water access points. Collection of that sensor data requires that modem sensor-equipped pumps be built only within covered regions. VanuMaps will be instrumental in identifying which pumps can benefit from remote sensor data collection and whether minor modifications (such as a mast for the modem, antenna or directional antenna) could enable connectivity.
  • Another sensor transmission application involves the monitoring of temperature sensitive medicines and vaccines during transport within Africa. VanuMaps can identify where the medicines are and whether they are within acceptable storage conditions, enabling organizations to design and monitor the most effective logistics plan for this critical cargo. 
  • Telemedicine devices are designed to transmit health and performance data for monitoring and event detection all require basic connectivity in order to operate adequately. These devices are rapidly changing the medical landscape on the African continent. Vanu is privileged to collaborate with medical partners to identify areas where connectivity can be maintained and help ensure coverage for communities in need
  • Financial organizations operating in developing communities are accessing VanuMaps to more accurately model the correlation between access to coverage and financial sustainability. 

To date, we’ve heard from interested parties based in nearly 20 countries across Africa, the Middle East and South AsiaIt is humbling to consider the enormous number of people in these countries and the impact that mobile coverage, or the lack thereof, has on their communities. The data and insight available via VanuMaps represents very real populations where connectivity is essential for inclusion in educational, health care, governance, identity and business ecosystems. MNOs clearly recognize the value of knowing precisely where the connected and unconnected are located, but it’s also apparent that this information has critical importance to far more than just the traditional network operator.

If your business or organization would like to learn more about VanuMaps and its coverage mapping capabilities, please contact us.

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