The Vanu GSM Portable Network System solution is a self-contained, solar powered, cellular portable network system based on the CompactRAN product line. This is a key solution for disaster recovery and certain military operations when there is a need to operate when the backhaul link is down. To address this, Vanu moved a small software version of the BSC and MSC right onto the CompactRAN platform, creating a self-contained portable system. The system utilizes the small form factor, low weight, and low power consumption of the CompactRAN platform to create a platform that is ideal for portability or outdoor mounting on vehicles and minimizing impact on vehicle power consumption. This solution was field trialed at Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) in 2012.

nib chart

The GSM Portable Network System is capable of supporting voice and SMS over a 1 to 5 km cell radius on any standard GSM mobile device.  It is solar powered and lightweight.  A fully installed system weighs only 99 lbs. With an IP67 rated polypropylene body enclosure, the GSM Portable Network System can be carried, vehicle mounted, or statically deployed. With integrated solar panels and battery backup, no external power is required.  The BSC and MSC are integrated, allowing it to operate in standalone mode.  The one-touch auto-configuration for BTS, BSC, and MSC allows for easy deployment in minutes.  When connected with an external network, there is automatic shutdown of integrated BSC and MSC.

The GSM Portable Network System system is configured with pre-provisioned Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs).  Emergency responders can access voice and Short Messaging Service (SMS) services. There is a configuration interface to pre-provision additional SIMs.  Subscribers on the fly within range can connect to the network and access voice and SMS services.