Our new Community Connect is the smallest, lightest,  lowest power consumption carrier grade GSM/EDGE base station on the market today. The Community Connect is IP-67 rated. Consuming only 64W when operating at its peak output power of 10W per channel and weighing only 9.6kg.  This product is ideal for hard to cover outdoor areas such as rural areas in developing markets, spot fill-in on highways, or in rugged terrain areas where traditional high sites can only offer spotty coverage. The small form factor allows for simplified mounting on poles and alternative structures, and eliminates the need to place equipment on the ground.

Anywave is a multi-band multi-standard radio access node. It is designed to address the cost and complexity of network upgrades by supporting multiple standards such as GSM, 3G, and LTE through software upgrades. The Anywave system is compact and highly integrated. It is lightweight and designed to install on existing towers and poles