Vanu’s products are designed to enable cellular coverage in areas that cannot be covered profitably with existing technology. As ARPU continues to decline, operators reduce costs to remain competitive. Vanu’s products allow carriers to reach customers in new places, both within and outside of their existing coverage areas or through branching out to under/unserved markets.

Vanu’s software RAN solutions portfolio is designed to help operators reduce both CAPEX and OPEX expenditures in order reduce the total cost of ownership.

The Vanu In-Building solution (IBS) improves in-building coverage, decreases OPEX and reduces future macro network CAPEX expenditures by offloading the traffic from the macro network. Our solution is lightweight, will easily blend into any environment, and allows for mounting on any surface, including plasterboard and low density suspended ceiling tiles.  We have two variants of our in-building solution, the IBS2 and IBS3.  Both are fully ETSI compliant dual band pico-cell with innovative smart network capabilities and imbedded VPN for full flexibility. The IBS2 is jet black in color, while the IBS3 is a snowy white version.  The IBS3 has integrated antennae and POE and is equipped with a wall/ceiling mount.